Darsanam Samskarika Vedi

Darsanam Samskarika Vedi was registered as a voluntary organization in 1994, under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Reg.No.60/94). Over the years since its inception, Darsanam has grown into a full-fledged non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Kerala State.

Darsanam Samskarika Vedi presently carries out its projects and programmes with the following social service organs:

●Library and Reading Room (Affiliated to Kerala State Library Council from 28/5/97)

●Youth Club (Affiliated NYK & Kerala State Youth Welfare Board)

●Kerala Sngeetha Nadaka Academy


Darsanam Samskarika Vedi presents itself as an instrument for promotion of scientific awareness among the grass roots of the society so that the developmental strides the nation achieves in various fields such as agriculture, natural resources , health and sanitation, education and student’s issues, women’s empowerment etc. Darsanam has been keenly interested in the field of Culture, Arts, Literature, Library and reading room activities also.