WED 2013: Painting/Poster Design Competition

As part of World Environment Day 2013 celebrations Darsanam Samskarika Vedi organised a  Painting/Poster Design Competition in
Govt. Model HSS, Kozhikode on 6th June, 2013.

Painting Competion

The painting competition was organised for three categories viz. (a) LKG, UKG and LP classes (b) UP classes and (c) High School classes. Poster Design was meant for High School students. “Food Security and reuse”, “Don’t waste water” and “Bio-diversity” were the topics given to the students.

Painting Competition Inauguration

Arun Gokul, famous artist who associated with poster design of Malayalam movies like Indian Rupee inaugurated the competition. Environmentalist Prof. T. Sobindran delivered felicitation speech. P. Sidharthan, programme co-ordinator welcomed the participants.

64 students from different schools in Kozhikode district were participated in the competition.

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